Tired of endless election cycles? Broken promises? Closed door dealings? Politics as usual? Well, there’s a new President of the United States of America: Wyrmica, a fire-breathing giant-monster who doesn’t play by the rules. Every week, we chronicle this unconventional president as he stomps and irradiates the big issues of our time: the economy, war, the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, climate change, what exactly Ted Cruz’s deal is, and so much more. Sure, his leadership is rough, and a few (million) of us will have to make sacrifices, but when has that ever stopped this country?

President Kaiju updates every Thursday at 4 p.m. It’s a comic about politics, a touchy subject which makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and doesn’t shy away from that. It’s also about monsters–both real and imagined–and doesn’t shy away from the effects those monsters have on the world around us (real and imagined). As such, it’s fair to warn readers this is a comic with explicit, often violent, subject matter and should be read with that in mind.

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