Writing by Andrew Taylor & Mason Hahn, Art by Andrew Taylor
Omega the Unknown created by Steve Gerber, Mary Skrenes, and Jim Mooney. All rights held by actual rights holders, use here is intended for parody

Next: Concerning how some of us are passing the time as the President attends to his duties.

Published by Andrew Taylor


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  1. This was an entertaining read! Your art has been getting consistently better throughout the pages. The story is unique and I love the way you guys are portraying american politics. I definitely laughed out loud more than once. Especially that Micheal Bloomberg Chapter where he’s “technically not a Therapsid”.

    For this chapter in particular, I really love the panel where King is talking and the cracks go up his face and Wyrmica is knocking everyone out of the building. Amazing transition!

    My critique would be: either nix the colors or go for a more cohesive color palette. You’ve got that edgy political satire feel that is great but I feel like your colors don’t really match the feel of the comic.

    Otherwise, you guys are doing great and should consider posting on Social Media somewheres so I can follow this!


    1. Hi Tina,
      Thank you for the comment. It’s a (pleasant) surprise to see anyone reading this, let alone enjoying it, since we basically started this as a lark. I’ll keep the critique about the coloring in mind going forward, at least because I’m tinkering with my style as I go (my overall effort has been skewed towards giving the series a poppy, comic book aesthetic).

      As for social media: Mason doesn’t partake in social media(something about flattening discourse into soundbite form or something, I usually stop listening right after I finish a hard cider), and I get weirded out when followed by strangers on the internet–though I can be seen on Twitter @ADrawnTaylor


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